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The object of The 40 Miles Project is improve the care and support for Knights Templar wherever dispersed, through a project led by the Grand Prelate of the Grand Encampment with the assistance of the Associate Grand Prelates. A long-term goal is the expansion of this program to the several Grand Commanderies, and through them, the individual Commanderies with allegiance to the Grand Encampment.
Project Background: Knights Templar have vowed to assist poor, distressed, worthy fellow Knights, their wives, widows, and orphans, promising to go the "distance of 40 miles, barefoot and over frozen ground" if necessary to provide that support. Knights also vow to care for the sick, the pilgrim, the destitute, the widow, the orphan, and the Christian religion. However, we have never had a structured way to do this, nor even a way to model it for the individual Knight. This is a serious shortcoming of our Order, and it is a problem throughout the Masonic fraternity. There are some pockets of action-lodge and grand lodge charity funds, the Almoner's Funds of the many valleys of the Scottish Rite, the Brother-to-Brother project of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the AASR NMJ, for example-but these are generally under-promoted and under-used.

The Project: Through the Grand Prelate, this is a program to communicate with Fratres in need of brotherly support. Initially, the Grand Prelate would be contacted through the form below (or by email, phone call, or letter) from a Knight who is aware of another Knight or family member in need of encouragement, support, or even as hearty "congratulations." The Grand Prelate will then send a card with a personal note of encouragement, sympathy, or congratulations.